1st Edition of Jazz @ Copo to take place in Ericeira

João Capinha. - ph. DR


Photography: Joaquim Mendes


The first edition of the Jazz @ Copo will take place on the Vira Copos wine bar and the Hemingway’s pub, both of which are located in the heart of Ericeira, from the 5th of April to the 7th of June, always by the first saturday of each month.

This initiative by the promoter of jazz, improvisation and fusion concerts, Blackbird, has the mission of valuing this music genre, bringing it closer to the portuguese public through shows in cultural spaces with a concept rooted in jazz and its variations. The performances, with free entry, are inserted in a free art concept: the musicians get a financial compensation according to what the public offers them during the show.

“What’s cool about the concept is that, for us merchants, there are no costs and the musicians get what the audience wishes to offer them”, Joaquim Graça, manager of Hemingway’s, told AZUL.

The inauguration of the shows will be done by the sax player João Capinha (on the photo) and Paulo Santo, on vibraphone, on the 5th of April. On the 3rd of May it will be Paulo Chagas’ turn, on the saxophone, and Luís Guerreiro, on the trumpet and eletronic. At last, the last event on the 7th of June will have Hugo Trindade on stage, playing guitar, and João Barradas, on the accordion.

Vira Copos and Hemingway’s will share the sessions, which will be two per date – the first ones taking place by the wine bar starting at 18h30; and the second sessions happening on Hemingway’s from 21h30. However, the sets won’t be the same for both places, so complementary performances are expected.

Jazz @ Copo 2014. - ph. DR

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